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SPC Essentials and Productivity Improvement: A Manufacturing Approach
William A. Levinson and Frank Tumbelty for Intersil Corporation

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ITEM NUMBER: H0937 PAGE COUNT: approx. 227 Order from ASQC Quality Press 800-248-1946 (414-272-8574, fax 414-272-1734)

PRICE: ASQC Member $31.50 FORMAT: 7 x 10 hardcover

List Price $38.50 SUBJECT AREA: SPC (Volume discounts are available)

PUB DATE: October 31, 1996 ISBN: 0-87389-372-7

MARKETS: Anyone in the manufacturing area who needs to know the principles of statistical process control in order to perform their job.


DESCRIPTION: In industry today, time costs money, and as a practical process management technique, statistical process control (SPC) does not require lengthy manual calculations. If the math is not simple enough for rapid calculation by hand, a computer handles it. The material covered in this book uses basic math: addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. Chapters 1 through 5 are perfect for learning the fundamentals of SPC and quality improvement. An advanced course could make use of Chapter 6 and the technical appendices. These sections equip the reader to program a computer, or tell commercial SPC software what to do. This material requires technical mathematics at the advanced high school or freshman college level. Practical SPC examples in the manufacturing process are used as a supplement to help the process and cost of quality.



  • Exclusively for the manufacturing industry, this book is perfect for the reader who has no education beyond secondary school.
  • Extensive use of figures and SPC problems with solutions reinforce the learning process.
  • Perfect for in-house training and SPC courses at the 2 year and 4 year college level. Use with accompanying Transparency Masters.


  1. Introduction
  2. Tools for Improving Productivity and Quality
    • Friction (chronic inefficiencies that people can often "work around": they eventually become part of the job)
      • Total Productive Maintenance
      • 5S-CANDO
    • Synchronous Flow Manufacturing (similar to Just In Time)
    • Check sheets, histograms, and Pareto charts
    • Process flowcharts
      • Critical processes
      • Cost of Quality
    • Cause and effect (fishbone) diagrams
    • ISO 9000
      • Spreadsheet for shelf life monitoring
      • Our new book on ISO 9000: 
  3. Statistical Process Control
  4. Attribute Control Charts
    • Traditional attribute control charts
      • Spreadsheet for the u (defect density) chart, variable sample sizes
    • Multiple attribute control charts
  5. Other Issues (Awareness)
    • Gage capability Gage capability (or gauge capability; "gage" is the common usage)
      • Includes gage studies, effect of gage capability on outgoing quality and process capability indices
      • ActiveX gage study program  (GM Long Form Method)
    • Inspection capability
    • Nested sources of variation (batch processes)
  6. Process Characterization and Advanced Techniques
    • The normal distribution, and tests for normality
      • normal probablity plot, chi square test for goodness of fit
    • Setting up a control chart
      • Spreadsheet for empirical control charts (variable sample sizes)
    • Process capability indices
    • Special control charts: z charts, acceptance control charts
  7. Appendices
    • Standard normal, chi square, t, and F distributions (Microsoft Excel- generated)
    • Control chart formulas and factors
    • Statistical functions for spreadsheets
    • Random number generation for in-house training courses
    • Confidence limits for capability indices CPL and CPU (and approximation for Cpk)
    • Useful World Wide Web resources
"SPC Essentials and Productivity Improvement: A Manufacturing Approach is an extremely comprehensive approach to improving processes and a technically in-depth approach to achieving results." "Written in an interesting manner, the book is a valuable addition to texts in the QA field. It presents applications of the various clauses of ISO 9001 and ISO 9002. It is well suited for courses in engineering and business administration at the baccelaureate level. It could serve as an informative source to those individuals in industry with little or no background in QA specifically as it relates to SPC."

ASQC Quality Press

Transparency Masters for
SPC Essentials and Productivity Improvement: A Manufacturing Approach
by William A. Levinson, P.E. and Frank Tumbelty

ITEM NUMBER: H0938 PAGE COUNT: approx. 227 Order from ASQ Quality Press      Order book and transparency set (discount)

PRICE: ASQC Member $25.00 FORMAT: 8 x 10 softcover

List Price $30.75 ISBN: 0-87389-373-5.


MARKETS: Anyone in the manufacturing area who needs to know the principles of statistical process control in order to perform their job.


DESCRIPTION: These overhead transparency masters are a great way to learn or teach the concepts of statistical process control (SPC) and productivity improvement. Prepared as an overview of the ideas presented in the book, SPC Essentials and Productivity Improvement: A Manufacturing Approach (Quality Press, 1996).



  1. Can be used by instructors as a valuable tool to teach the concepts of statistical process control to students.
  2. Can be used by students as a study guide for review of SPC concepts.
  3. Packed with over 350 pages of useful information, these transparency masters are the perfect compliment to the book.

ABOUT THE AUTHORS: William A. Levinson has worked in the electronics industry for much of his professional career. He holds a B.S. in chemistry from Pennsylvania State University, an M.S. in chemistry and an M.Eng. in chemical engineering from Cornell University, as well as an M.B.A. and M.S. in operations research and applied statistics from Union College. A registered professional engineer in Pennsylvania, Levinson also hold professional certification from associations that include ASQC, the Society of Manufacturing Engineers , American Institute of Chemists, and the Institute of Certified Professional Managers..

Frank Tumbelty has over 30 years of experience in Quality Assurance and Statistical Process Control. He holds a B.A. in Mathematics from Rutgers University and has instructed courses on SPC and Design of Experiments.


ORDERING INFORMATION: Call ASQC at 800-248-1946 or (414) 272-8575 or mail to ASQC, 611 East Wisconsin Avenue, P.O. Box 3005, Milwaukee, Wisconsin 53201-3005.


BULK ORDERS/CATALOG AND BOOKSTORE INFORMATION: For more information call Kimberly Manthey at ASQC Quality Press, 800-248-1946 or (414) 272-8575.

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New! Click here for free software (spreadsheets, ActiveX programs) to accompany the book
      New (5/31/98) (Beta Version). Random number generator for creating SPC examples for in-house instruction. Writes data to a text file of your choice (for importation into Excel, Quattro Pro, or Lotus spreadsheets, or other software). Simulates the normal, binomial, and Poisson distribution. Click to download via Internet Explorer (uses Visual Basic Script).
      Click here for documentation (rndgen.rtf).

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