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  • SETI News: "Do Dolphins Talk?" (New, 12/2/03)
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    Marine Mammal Adoption/Conservation Contacts

        Information provided by Trisha Lamb Feurstein Cetacean Bibliographies, Audiography, and Videography
        Dolphin and Whale Adoption Programs

        Internatoinal Wildlife Coalition (
        Whale Adoption Project
        70 East Falmouth Highway
        East Falmouth MA 02536
        Voice: 1-888-MY-WHALE (699-4253
        Fax: 508-457-1988

        Your support (Adoptions are $25.00 US standard $50.00 US Deluxe Video Kit) goes toward saving whales, dolphins, sea turtles, and other marine animals from net entanglements, boat strikes, and strandings in the North Atlantic and around the world; a campaign to end commercial whaling, and more. Sixty-five+ humpback whales who spend time in the Gulf of Maine are available for adoption.

        Adopters receive an adoption certificate, photo and biography of the adopted whale, subscription to the _Whalewatch_ newsletter, migration map, decal, and more.

        United Kingdom: P.O. Box 73 Hartfield East Sussex TN7 4EY Canada: P.O. Box 461, Port Credit Postal Station Mississauga, Ontario L5G 4M1

        You support ($17/adoption) goes toward saving whales, dolphins, sea turtles, and other marine animals from net entanglements, boat strikes, and strandings in the North Atlantic and around the world; conducting life-saving Whale Patrols and protection operations aboard the R/V Navaho; distributing free _Whales of the World_ Teacher's Kits to elementary schools; a campaign to end commercial whaling, and more. Sixty-five+ humpback whales who spend time in the Gulf of Maine are available for adoption.

        Adopters receive an adoption certificate, photo and biography of the adopted whale, 30-minute whale rescue video, 8-page color booklet, whale poster, subscription to the _Whalewatch_ newsletter, migration map, decal, and more.


        Oceanic Project Dolphin Adopt-A-Wild-Dolphin Program Oceanic Society Expeditions Fort Mason Center, Building E San Francisco, California 94123 USA Voice: (800) 326-7491, (415) 441-1106 Fax: (415) 474-3395

        Your support ($35 to adopt, $250 to adopt and name a spotted dolphin) will purchase and maintain much-needed field equipment to maintain Oceanic Project Dolphin, created in 1988 with Stephen Leatherwood and Bernd Wursig as scientific advisors to develop a research project using benign techniques, with specific conservation applications, through field observation of spotted dolphins. Your support also will be used to help inform others about dolphin issues.

        Sponsor-a-Dolphin Program National Wildlife Federation catalogue USA (800) 432-6564

        Your support ($20/adoption) goes to protect dolphins from netting in oceans around the world.

        Adopt A Dolphin Project Okeanos Ocean Research Foundation 431 East Main St. Riverhead, New York 11901-2550 USA Voice: (516) 369-9840 Fax: (516) 369-9826

        Okeanos is currently involved in rehabilitating a baby common dolphin that was stranded in Fisher's Island Sound. 

        Dolphin Sponsorship Kit International Marine Mammal Project Earth Island Institute 300 Broadway, Suite 28 San Francisco, California 94133 USA Voice: (415) 788-3666 Also available on the Internet at Sea Creations' Web site: URL: or call (800) 471-8388, (516) 473-8388

        The dolphin sponsorship kit contains a color poster, a list of dolphin species to sponsor, registration card, bumper sticker, educational color brochure about dolphins and porpoises and information about Earth Island's International Marine Mammal Project (IMMP). You will also receive the IMMP's newletter _Dolphin Alert_ and other specific reports on the dolphin you sponsor.

        The Jojo Dolphin Project P.O. Box 153 Providenciales Turks and Caicos Islands British West Indies (809) 941-5617

        Your $25 membership fee sponsors Jojo, a lone wild dolphin who has befriended humans in the Turks and Caicos Islands for the past several years.

        Florida Marine Conservation Corp. 12295 Indian Mound Road Lake Worth, FL 33467 USA (407) 683-9647

        Your support ($25/adoption) helps fund the rescue, protection, and research of dolphins off the Florida coast.

        Adopt-a-Dolphin Project Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society Alexander House James Street West Bath BA1 2BT United Kingdom Voice: 01225 334511

        You can adopt one of the dolphins living in the local area, and your support (12.50 pounds sterling/adoption) goes toward dolphin and whale conservation and research work worldwide.

        Adopt a Dolphin International Dolphin Watch North Ferrby E. Yorks HU14 3ET England

        You can adopt (10 pounds sterling/adoption in England, 15 pounds sterling elsewhere) one of the dolphins living in the local area, including: Echo (England), Star Dance (Scotland), Sun Spirit (Wales), and Funghie (Ireland). You will receive numerous items including the _Dolphin Adoption and Watching Handbook_ by Horace Dobbs. All funds will be used for study and conservation projects approved by International Dolphin Watch.


        Adopt-a-Whale Program National Wildlife Federation catalogue USA (800) 432-6564

        Your support for Adopt-a-Whale ($20/adoption) goes to the protection of whale breeding and feeding grounds, and supports a coastal network to help stranded whales.

        Orca Adoption Program The Whale Museum P.O. Box 945 Friday Harbor, Washington 98250 USA Voice: (800) 946-7227, (206) 378-4710

        Your symbolic adoption ($25/adoption) is used to support ongoing education and field studies about the orcas by the non-profit organizations The Whale Museum and the Center for Whale Research, both in Friday Harbor, Washington. Also available are a $35 adoption, which includes musuem membership, and a special $55 classroom package, which provides the teacher museum membership and a name-inscribed certificate for each student,

        There are only 94 resident orcas in the waters of Puget Sound and southern British Columbia, their numbers having sharply declined between 1965 and 1976 due to hunting and capture for marine park display. Researchers at The Whale Museum and the Center for Whale Research have been studying these wild animals in their natural habitat since 1974. Each orca has been given a pod identification number and a common name which reflects a bit of its heritage, personality, or circumstances of its discovery.

        The whales of J-,K- and L-pods could use your help to ensure their long-term well-being. Problems such as noise pollution from motor-powered vessels, habitat loss, and declining fish populations all need further study--and solutions.

        The Orca Club Save The Whales P.O. Box 2397 Venice, California 90291 USA Voice: (800) WHALE-65

        The purpose of The Orca Club is to educate the public about orcas, like the orca portrayed in the movie _Free Willy_, and about orcas living in the wild. For $7.25 per Orca Club kit, you will receive an 8 x 10 glossy color orca photo of your choice (of either an orca spyhopping or an orca dorsal fin), an orca adoption certificate, an orca box to color and assemble, a four-page orca newsletter, and a Save The Whales window decal.

        Whale Adoption Program Vancouver Aquarium P.O. Box 3232 Vancouver, British Columbia V6B 3X8 Canada Voice: (604) 685-2516 Fax: (604) 631-2529 E-mail: URL:

        Both resident and transient orcas off British Columbia are available for adoption. Your support ($45 Canadian for an individual or family adoption; $35/whale to adopt an entire pod; $25 annual renewal) helps to fund the aquarium's research on whales in the wild. You will receive an adoption certificate, a biographical sketch and ID photo of your adopted whale(s), a cassette tape of killer whale sounds, and a copy of Vancouver Aquarium's annual newsletter, _The Blackfish Sounder_, which will keep you up to date on the latest news on killer whale research in B.C. and around the world.

        Keiko Adoption Kit International Marine Mammal Project Earth Island Institute 300 Broadway, Suite 28 San Francisco, California 94133 USA Voice: (800) 4-WHALES, (415) 788-3666

        The Keiko Adoption Kit contains a field guide to the orcas, an original _Free Willy_ movie poster, stickers, and information about Keiko and plans for his relocation and possible release.

        Adopt A Beluga St. Lawrence National Institute of Ecotoxicology 310 Avenue des Ursulines Rimouski Quebec G5L 3A1 Canada Voice: (418) 724-1746

        Approximately 80 of the 400-500 belugas in the St. Lawrence River have been identified. Cost is a minimum donation of $5,000.

        Adopt-a-Humpback-Whale Earthtrust Aikaki Mall Garden Ct. 25 Kaneohe Bay Drive Kailua, Oahu, Hawaii 96734 USA Voice: (808) 254-2866 Fax: (808) 254-6409

        Your support ($40/adoption according to one source; $30 according to another) is used for the care and survival of the humpback and for anti-whaling campaigns. Six named whales are available for adoption.

        Adopt-a-Whale Project Pacific Whale Foundation Kealia Beach Plaza, Suite 21 101 North Kihei Road Kihei, Maui, Hawaii 96753 USA Voice: (800) 942-5311 Fax: (808) 879-2615

        Humpback whales sighted in Hawaiian and Australian waters are available for adoption. The cost is $25 for a nonexclusive adoption plus an annual support fee, and $75 for an exclusive adoption with naming privileges plus an annual support fee of $50.

        Humpback Whale Adoption/Project Megafam The Whale Conservation Institute 191 Weston Road Lincoln, Massachusetts 01773 Voice: (617) 259-0423

        Stellwagen Bank humpback whale Salt and her daughters are available for adoption. Salt costs $20; Salt and her daughters $25.

        Adopt A Fundy Whale Brier Island Ocean Study Westport Digby County, Nova Scotia B0V 1H0 Canada Voice: (902) 839-2960

        Two hundred plus humpback whales have been identified who are part of the Gulf of Maine-Scotian Shelf substock of the Western North Atlantic population. Twelve of the whales are available for adoption. Your support ($25/adoption) helps to fund BIOS research projects.

        Know Your Rights The Whale Conservation Institute 191 Weston Road Lincoln, Massachusett 01773 USA Voice: (617) 259-0423

        Eight right whales observed off Peninsula Valdes in Patagonia, Argentina, are available for adoption. Your support ($25/ adoption) helps to fund studies of these endangered whales.

        Right Whale Adoption Program New England Aquarium Central Wharf Boston, Massachusetts 02110 USA Voice: (617) 973-5294, (617) 973-6582

        This program focuses primarily on the research being conducted on this endangered species. It is a small, no-frills program run by the researchers themselves, and the funds collected go directly to defray the cost of future field work. Your support ($45/adoption; $100 adoption includes a "Right Whale Research Project" T-shirt) could go toward the purchase of film for the photographic database, to transport one of the members to an injured whale, and so on. The packet you receive inlcudes a 3X5 photo taken by a member of the research team, a thorough sighting history of that whale, and background information on right whale research. A catalogue of individual right whales and project T-shirts are also available. The whales are studied during more than half the year in areas ranging from their calving ground along the southeastern United States to their nursery and feeding areas off Main and Nova Scotia.

        Firsthand reports on the research and updates on individual whale sightings are the focus of the biannual newsletter.

        The Ocean Society 441 Ridgewater Drive Marietta, Georgia 30068, USA (770) 977-1838

        The Ocean Society, in cooperation with the New England Aquarium, sponsors an adopt-a-whale and marine education program. Your support goes toward right whale research and education.

        East Coast Ecosystems (update, April 2007) has been replaced by

        North Atlantic Right Whale Adoption Program

        Grand Manan Whale & Seabird Research Station
        24 Route 776
        Grand Manan, NB Canada E5G 1A1
        506 662 3804,  Fax 506 662 9804

        The Grand Manan Whale & Seabird Research Station has been studying right whales and other marine mammals in the Bay of Fundy since 1981.  We are involved in collaborative work with many researchers working in the Bay including the New England Aquarium. With only 350-400 North Atlantic Right whales, their conservation is imperative.

        Funds from adopting a North Atlantic Right Whale will help us continue our research into theses whales and our conservation work with the fishing and whale watching industries to protect these highly endangered whales.

        Adopt-A-Finback Whale Program Allied Whale College of the Atlantic Bar Harbour, Maine 04609 USA Voice: (207) 288-5644 Fax: (207) 288-4126 E-mail:

        Approximately 35 finbacks are available for adoption. The cost is $30 to adopt an individual, $50 to adopt a mother and her calf. Adoptions are the primary funding source for the North Atlantic Finback Catalogue and important research on finbacks.

        Adopters receive a certificate of adoption; an 8x12 color photo, biography, and sighting history of the adopted whale(s), The Adopt-a- Finback Book, and a subscription to Allied Whale's biannual newsletter.

        Adopt A Giant Mingan Island Cetacean Study Summer: 124 Bord de la Mer Longue-Pointe-de-Mingan Quebec G0G 1V0 Canada Voice: (418) 949-2845 Winter: 285 rue Green St. Lambert Quebec J4P IT3 Canada Voice: (514) 465-9176

        Three hundred twenty-five blue whales in the Gulf of St. Lawrence and 285 in the Sea of Cortez are available for adoption. Adoptions cost $100 per adult, $50 per school-age child, and $1,000 per corporate adoption.

        Sea Creations Harbor Square Mall 134 Main Street Port Jefferson, NY 11777 1-800-471-8388

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